Holter monitoring is used to record your heartbeat and rhythm away from our office and allows us to evaluate how it responds to normal activity. When you receive a Holter Monitor, small, painless electrodes (conducting patches) are placed on your chest and attached to a small recording monitor.
The monitor can be placed in a pocket or small pouch worn around your neck. The monitor is battery operated.

You need to keep the device on at least 24 hours. After 24 hours, you return the monitor to our office.

Tips while wearing the monitor:

  • Do not get the monitor wet.
  • Follow your normal routine, including work, etc.
  • Keep a diary of all activities during any symptoms you may feel
  • Accurately record your symptoms during this time

Test Duration
30 Minutes to attach and 15 minutes to remove.


  • Wear a sleeveless or loose short sleeve shirt/blouse.
  • Do not apply lotion to your chest before the scheduled appointment.
  • Please advise staff if you are allergic to any tape or adhesives.